17 Magical Science Experiments You Can Do At Home


Winter is in full force, and if you’re like us, the cabin fever is starting to promote some serious insanity in the kids. You’re desperate for fun activities, so for your sanity, we’ve compiled these easy home science experiments.

They’re high in cool factor, and most of these can be done with simple ingredients laying around the house. Enjoy!

Lemon Volcano

The main ingredients for this experiment are lemons, baking soda, and watercolors (or food coloring). The result is pure, messy joy for the young ‘uns (and you, of course).

Gummy Eels

This gross and amazing feat is achieved using water, vinegar, baking soda and gummy worms. It’s a cool experiment with the dual purpose of helping one to get over that gummy addition.

Mentos As A Catalyst For Exploding Soda

This engaging video will make you want to run to the store immediately for a bunch of 2 Liter bottles of soda and some Mentos. Dad’s DIY Mentos-dispenser optional.

Heat Sensitive Slime

There’s nothing quite like the disgust-factor of play slime. This experiment shows you how to make some using water, school glue, food coloring and thermochromatic pigment (buy some here ). The results are worth the small expense (trust us).

Rainbow Paper

This is a really easy, really cool craft project comprised of black paper, nail polish and water.

Glow In The Dark Goop

Apparently starch + tonic water = magic. Who knew?

Indoor Cloud Science

Take shaving cream, water and food coloring and you can make it rain inside the house. You know, just in case it’s not precipitating enough outside.

Indoor Fireworks

Take the above experiment, and replace the shaving cream with cooking oil . Instead of rain, you’ll get fireworks! It’ll remind you of summer, oh so long ago.

Glowing Rubber Egg

This video will teach you how to make a creepy glowing bouncy egg with just some vinegar, an egg, a highlighter and time.

Peppermint Rock Candy

If you have a young girl, chances are they love Frozen . Well, this project is a tribute to that love…or something. At the very least, it’ll be delicious!

Egg Geodes

What kid hasn’t been fascinated by geodes at one point or another? Well, why not try at home out of the suddenly incredibly versatile egg?

Explode A Watermelon

Life is full of pressure, but you can handle it! However, a watermelon cannot.

Marshmallow Paint

Hey, kid! Stop eating that paint! Ok, just kidding. Go ahead and eat the paint .

Jellyfish In A Jar

This is a great project if your kid wants a fish, but you just don’t want to have to clean an aquarium. Do this, and your kid will surely stop bugging you about getting a fish…for maybe a couple of minutes. Enjoy your rare moment of peace!

Awesome Patterns With Watercolor And Wax Paper

Have you ever been to an art museum, looked at an Abstract Expressionist painting, and said to yourself: “Hell, my KID could do THAT”? Well, now they really can . Only time will tell if they are the next Jackson Pollock, though.

Bouncing Bubble

This is a super simple thing to try with your kid (or at your next rave, whatever). We’re really only sharing this because this guy is hilarious.

Egg In A Bottle

I know you all have an Erlenmeyer Flask laying around. Yeah and that science project essential: eggs.

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