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Trudeau visits Calgary Stampede, meets son of Syrian refugees named after him

Go west, young man. That’s precisely what a Stetson-wearing Justin Trudeau did Saturday, travelling to Calgary, Alberta, for the Calgary Stampede, where he got into the spirit of the annual rodeo. “Thanks for a great day, Calgary,” Trudeau tweeted, along with a video documenting his

Gordon Ramsay Tears Chef To Pieces Because He Cant Boil An Egg

You would have to be really confident in your cooking to agree to allowing Gordon Ramsay to come in and review your food. But it appears that some are willing to take the plunge to help revive their struggling business in Ramsay’s Hotel Hell TV

Drowning Family Saved By 80-Person Human Chain

Tissues, say hello to my tear ducts. This story of a drowning family being saved by the momentous efforts of human chain has got me right in the feels. Robert Ursrey and her husband, mother, nephews and sons were enjoying themselves at Panama City Beach

50 Cent Confronting Strangers Who Think Hes Washed Up Is Hilarious

There was a hilarious segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. An interviewer was sent out to approach people on the street, claiming that a magazine had named 50 Cent the greatest rapper of all time. He then asked their reaction, needless to say they