Photographer Captures Incredibly Rare Sight Of Sperm Whales Sleeping

Do sperm whales sleep? It’s not a question that gets asked frequently, but when it does, none is the wiser to answer it. That’s until now, of course, because now we have photo proof of just how these ocean giants nap.

Photographer Franco Banfi snapped an extremely rare photo of sperm whales sleeping

A behavior that was first documented only back in 2008

When a group of scientists drifted into a pack of completely still sperm whales

After further studies, they found that this collective nap occurs for approximately 7 percent of the whale’s life…

In short intervals of just 6 to 24 minutes

Diver Sabrina Belloni posed next to these majestic creatures

Capturing the immense scale and unique beauty of these underwater giants

Here are some more facts:

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