These Curly Cats Who All Descended From One Shelter Kitty Are Taking Internet By Storm

Last week, the Internet got conquered by a photo of an orange kitten with curly hair. The picture was shared with the following caption: “I’ve never seen a cat with curls until now.” Well, neither have most of us, but this is no trick – the curly hair on the kitty is the real deal, and here’s why.

Last week, the pictures of this orange kitten with curly hair went viral

Image credits: meanpIastic

Image credits: meanpIastic

Image credits: meanpIastic

People started sharing photos of cats with curly hair, usually known as Selkirk Rex

Its origins can be traced to one peculiar rescue cat named Miss DePesto

Image credits: shumsende

The curly kitty, who was born in a Montana shelter in 1987, had 4 siblings with straight hair

Image credits: shumsende

She was adopted by a breeder who realized her curly fur was a dominant genetic feature

Image credits: shumsende

The woman bred it with a black Persian and they produced a litter of six babies, all of them with curly hair

This is how Selkirk Rex was born – the breed named after a woman’s stepfather

Image credits: Ingrid Matschke

She added ‘Rex’ to indicate that the adorable coat was curly, a feature that so many cat lovers fell in love with

Image credits: ignataliya

Positive reactions from the Internet:

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